PEI Certification

This client is not so recent, but they have only recently made this demo version of my work available.

Before I knew much of anything about anything, I worked on this enormous PHP/XML/Flash project to provide online certification quizzes for the Petroleum Equipment Institute. This project ended up being a nightmare of contractual obligations and multi-layered bureaucracy. At one point I was ordered by three out of six bosses to only cut and paste quiz information for xmls; i.e., even if I saw a typo, I couldn't correct it, because if I altered the text in any way, the blame could be put on me, and by extension my employer ("paycheck handler").

That and other horrors made this a very long project, ultimately ending with a cold shoulder, a lot of finger-pointing, and about two months of pay as yet unaccounted for.

But I did finish the quiz system, and it's still up.

Petroleum Equipment Institute Learning Center Quiz