And below lies the Go board, laboriously constructed as a means to teach myself efficient recursive programming during a brief bout of unemployment.

The programming turned out to be less of a headache than I expected. Unfortunately, it initially checked every piece for every move, until I rethought it and realized that I had stupidly fallen into the flash trap of doing graphics first and basing the code functionality on graphic position information. Using half the code, I got it to run twice as fast by starting with the array model and generating everything from there. Plus, it keeps a more efficient history to address ko and super ko.

This system is awaiting its php home, where it will save games, run a clock, allow for real-time and asynchronous play modes, have an archive, take size and handicap settings, and possibly keep score. God knows when, since this project is dangerously underfunded (i.e., not funded). I realize no one will pay me for this since it's been done, but I hope to provide a working, attractive Go website for me and mine, with those extra features we crave.