Interface Assistant

Made a very, very long time time ago. A homepage where the medium far outstripped the message, and was thus discarded. Also I never liked the way the panels loaded, but I have, tragically, lost the .fla over the course of a few drive failures, so editing awaits sifting through ancient archives, or re-exporting those 160 images that it took to create the effect.

I get two questions about this Flash piece: "Why is he so ugly?" and "How did you do that?"

In answer to the first: I'm not sure what you're talking about. He has a pleasant smile, and isn't supposed to be entirely human. It's not as if you can buy him a drink. Someone suggested using a hot girl in a bikini, but I think I will eventually just make him even less human, so fewer people will bother to make the aesthetic judgment.

The second question is easier. If you guessed from the mention of 160 images, this piece is composed of two movies, each composed of 80 full frame images exported from a 3D figure modeling program, (hence the unforgivable loading time), with a common at-rest image. Each movie moves forward or back on the timeline depending on the Y position of the mouse, with a border effect near the edges to return him to at-rest as the mouse moves to the edge of the movie or toward the center. When the mouse crosses the center line, he is at the at-rest and the movies switch depths. That's it. No 3D at all.